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About Salt & Light

“Laced in scripture, this book serves to refocus the hearts and minds of law men and women who serve our communities diligently every single day. Cpt. Poole hit the nail on the head by pointing to our greatest need--Christ, and our most humble act—servanthood”.

Kristi Neace, Founder, Badge of Hope Ministries; Author of Under Fire: Marriage Through the Eyes of a Cop's Wife


“In “Salt & Light” Matt Poole effectively and clearly delivers a message of exhortation and guidance for all who serve. His scriptural guidance and real life examples will provide you with encouragement and practical steps to becoming the hands and feet of Christ wherever you are.”

Adam Davis

 Author of “Bulletproof Marriage: a 90-Day Devotional”, “Behind the Badge: 365 Daily Devotions for Law Enforcement”, “Spirit & Truth: 52 Devotions for Law Enforcement”, and “On Spiritual Combat: 30 Missions for Victorious Warfare.”


In a powerful narrative, Matt Poole shows us how law enforcement officers can find a balance between the “warrior” and the “guardian” models of policing, and how God’s Word, the Bible, and a loving Christian approach to policing, can empower us and equip us to find the servant spirit that is so desperately needed in our world today.

Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Author of On Killing, On Combat and Assassination Generation


"As a veteran police officer who has walked in the darkness, I can attest that the only way to live out your true calling is through a relationship with Jesus Christ. In Salt and Light, author and fellow veteran police officer M.D. Poole lays out the reason behind the need for Christ as a police officer. Poole does not hold back as he shares intimate details from his own battles. Through scripture, Poole reinforces that true courage comes through the ability to show compassion and lies within the heart of a servant. Poole absolutely inspires while giving us wisdom for our walk—with Christ and on the streets."

Jonathan E. Hickory

Police officer, men’s church leader, and author of Break Every Chain: A Police Officer’s Battle with Alcoholism, Depression, and Devastating Loss; and the True Story of How God Changed His Life Forever


Salt & Light: Being the Hands and Feet of Christ (in a cruel and dangerous world) by M.D. Poole is a powerful and bold book that I have wanted to read for a long time. I have read memoirs from police officers and public servants who find themselves in situations where they question their sense of humanity, but I have never read a book about the dilemma of faith in which police officers find themselves. In this book, the author shares his story and discusses situations where the line of duty blurs and where acts that align with personal beliefs and Christian faith become difficult to discern. The emotional strain of the job can lead to unsettling issues that are sometimes overwhelming. The career can be a tortuous and complex one that is easy to compromise, lose sight of, or completely be lost in regards to one's principles and beliefs. M.D. Poole offers such situations in Salt & Light and gives scripture-based advice on how to stay lucid and consistent with one's beliefs.
A cross-section of the population still associates the police officer with violence and it is no secret that many people look at law enforcers as enemies of the people. But this book lifts the veil and shows readers that police officers also yearn to do what is right according to their conscience and religious beliefs. Salt & Light is written in a compassionate tone and features M.D. Poole's personal experiences. Filled with biblical references, it offers a lot of material for reflection and even those with a different career will find insights to keep them connected to their faith while performing their duties. If there is a book that will change the way we look at police officers, it is this book. It also provides a framework for officers to stay aligned with their faith while providing exceptional service to their communities. Hugely inspirational and educational.

Romuald Dzemo-

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